Does anybody know how to get both words and immersion on one account? Yes, I have tried searching!!

I have been trying to get both words and immersion on one account by trying to open new accounts until I found one which still gave new users access to both .....

So far, after opening and closing heaven knows how many accounts all I seem to have achieved is one account with immersion and one with words. If I try to fool the system by opening the account with immersion, going to that page (which exists) I then get error 404 ..... but I know that it does exist, I'm just being denied access because of this wretched A/B test. I get exactly the same result if I try doing it the other way round to get words.

The trouble is that I want/need to use both, otherwise Duo has nothing to offer which I can't get elsewhere and I would really like to stick with Duo.

I know this subject has been brought up before (as you can tell I am not new to Duolingo just this account) but all my searching revealed no answer to getting both tabs. So, I apologise if someone has answered it, I just couldn't find it.

Many thanks, Solveig.

March 4, 2016


If you can't get both I would recommend going with the one with Immersion. You can always create your own flashcards, not ideal if you want to keep it all together. But you can learn a lot by just creating the cards.

March 4, 2016

I may well do that as I agree that producing the cards can be helpful in its own right but it is annoying that I am being pushed into either using external resources or playing games with two accounts to produce one which gives me what I need. Particularly when I know that Duo has the ability to put everything in one account.

Try as I might I really can't see how removing features rather than giving the user a choice is going to encourage use of the site generally and I do wonder how many potential users may be put off using Duo altogether by this experiment, which would be a huge pity.

March 4, 2016

I don't get it either. It seems odd that they are so willing to sacrifice all the users who login during the testing period. As well as some of the users on the app since that has pretty much been dumbed down to near uselessness.

March 4, 2016

As you say, it seems very odd indeed and I agree with you totally about the app, which is only any use if you need to quickly get some points on the board to keep your streak. As a language learning tool the app is a complete waste of space.

It would be nice to think that somebody somewhere might actually realise that if you really want to offer free open access to language learning for the world, particularly the poorer parts, where paying may not be an option, then the resources need to be up to the task. Without that, there are going to be many people who need to learn languages to escape poverty, just wasting their time and effort in little more than a game. Such a shame when the app used to be excellent.

March 5, 2016

Sorry, misread. You might be able to do it by making as if to create an account, selecting a language that you know has all the relevant features (like French) and going as far as the page that shows the blue bar across the top with Home, Words, etc. If you don't see everything you need on the list, clear cookies, close window and come back later / another day to try again.

March 4, 2016

I see you said you misread, so I'm assuming you didn't realise that was what I'd been trying. If not, then, tried that over a period of 4 days, trying all the languages I knew had both and even clearing my browser cache and history in between but it seems as if you can only have one of the following:

Home and Discussion.

Home, Activity and Discussion.

Home, Words, Activity and Discussion,


Home, Activity, Discussion and Immersion.

but not all 5 on one account! ......

so much for having a Control account, this is most unscientific.

So far, the only workround I have come up with is to open the account with immersion, open a document, bookmark the document, sign out of that account and back into the one with words, then open the bookmark. You may wonder why I'm bothering but the words learned in immersion are added to your word count ready for practice, otherwise I would probably just use the one with immersion.

It doesn't help that I can only get words in Swedish by opening two tabs, one in Portuguese and the other in Swedish, then returning to the one in Portuguese (without refreshing) and opening Words, it then loads the Swedish vocabulary.

Honestly, it goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, particularly as in order to get access to the discussion you have to reach level 2 before you can even ask the question. I know we have a spam problem but this doesn't seem like a good way to fix it.!

March 4, 2016

Actually, in my experience, words learned in Immersion are not added to your words list.

You might try opening the separate account in different tabs or different windows and going back and forth between them.

March 4, 2016

I specifically checked the words in immersion to see if they were added and they were but it was quite a palaver to be able to coordinate both accounts as your suggestion of keeping both open and logged on doesn't work, meaning that there is no easy way round the method I outlined above. Thanks for your suggestions though, they are much appreciated.

March 4, 2016
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