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Pause practice timer when viewing discussion

Hi Duolingo,

The timer does not pause itself when viewing a discussion inside a "practice skill" exercise. Furthermore, when the timer reaches 0. It force closes any discussion that you were viewing. Most of the time, I do not have enough time to read about my mistake within the discussion before it get shut down and there is no way to go back to the mistake.

December 31, 2013



Hi there! Right now you can't pause timed practice to view a discussion. Something we'll thinking about changing!


It was working with HodofHod's userscript.

Now Duolingo has the script and the pause is not working anymore. What happened?

Please put the pause back in how it was.


It's been three years and this issue still persists; any updates?


The practice timer with learning pauses was an awesome feature that helped me a lot. The only way now is to pause anyway, let the time run, and keep repeating until lessons are completed with no pause. This isn't quite the same but it helps you keep learning.


Hi, It's been four years - any updates?

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