"Podczas jesieni jemy jabłka."

Translation:During autumn we eat apples.

March 4, 2016

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We eat apples in Autumn - isn't it right too?


I had the same problem and still got it wrong. I don't know what's going on. I did not realize that Polish is that strict about word orders. Is this real in Poland?!?


2 Duolingo team

I’m not sure this is the right place for the post, but since this was my last sentence of the 72 lessons of Prepositions skill, I’m leaving it here.

72 lessons of Prepositions, I’ve done them all. Unlike the previous Skills where sentences were distributed more or less evenly, in Prepositions some sentences were abundant and some I only saw once or twice. The rare ones were:

  • Do kogo idziemy na obiad? (once)
  • Śpię w moim łóżku (once)
  • Na łóżku jest prześcieradło (once)
  • W jej koszu są jabłka i kanapki (once)
  • Ta zupa jest dla dzieci (once)
  • Co jemy na śniadanie? (once)
  • Za miesiąc idę do szkoły (twice, I think)
  • Jestem w wanne (couple of times)

Probably there were others too, I wasn’t taking notes of them all.

Others were obsessively frequent, this "Pomidory są pomiędzy mięsem i jajkami" was like half of the whole Skill, "Moja mama je jajka na śniadanie" and "Kanapka z jajkiem" were too frequent as well (although "Kanapka z mięsem" was there just a couple of times), and there were others too.

If sentence frequency on Duo totally depends on some randomised program choice-- OK, my bad luck. But if the course contributors do have a say in it, maybe this info would be useful. Thank you.


We don't have a say in it. It also shouldn't exactly be random.

Every sentence exists in the database only once (although in theory it could exist more times, but it should at least have different interpunction: "Lubię cię." vs "Lubię cię!"). The algorithm collects the data on how well people manage with a given sentence. If they have problems with it, it will display less often. Generally. But you will get it at least until you manage to answer correctly. I don't really have much knowledge of how it works, I'm afraid. But the most important thing is that I can't change anything about the frequency anyway.


I see, thank you.

I know it isn't totally random, I see it from those perfectly organised and very well balanced sets of tasks for each lesson and for the whole Polish course. Unlike the Italian course, for one, which is really messy and that's where you can do like a thousand "there is sugar on the plate" with only one "there is a spoon on the plate" for a 84-lesson Skill. That's why I posted the previous comment, I was thinking maybe there are some settings which generally work for the Polish course but went off for this particular Skill. But if there's no way for tuning it, OK. Thanks anyway, I'm really enjoying the course.


'Podczas jesieni' is wrong and sounds very bad in polish. You say 'jesienia'.

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