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Improved Keyboard Functionality

Accelerate and ease use by binding unused keys to needed symbols.

I'm studying German. I love that I can do most things fully from the keyboard; it improves my flow a great deal. Having to move to the mouse to insert special characters disrupts that flow. It would be great if, just as the number keys can be used to select among the multiple choices, they could be assigned to the special characters for faster use.

June 6, 2012

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Having received help on this issue myself, this is what you do: Install the US-International Keyboard - PC setup change only. (There are set-by-step instructions for doing this on the Web). You should then be able to type Umlauts simply by going: SHIFT+QUOTATION MARK, release, then type the vowel. For EsZett, it is: RIGHT ALT+s. Good luck!

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