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  5. "Sie sind in gutem Zustand."

"Sie sind in gutem Zustand."

Translation:You are in good shape.

December 31, 2013



'To be in good shape' is a bit idiomatic. It means to be healthy, or to be in a normal condition. It can apply to many things: one's health, one's finances, one's marriage, one's car, the operation of a firm, etc.


Sorry that you were deactivated dude


Is it somewhat related to "They are in good standing"?


No, it means "They're doing well."


why dativ (gutem) ?


Because "in" is not denoting any motion here, just location (real or figuratively).


"gutem Zustand" is what I should look for in a german used car?


why "you are in good state" is wrong?


I think it just doesn't sound natural. (Perhaps it needs to be "in a good state" in that sentence?) "In good condition" or "in good shape" would be the better way to translate it.


Is an indefinite article optional both in the English and German sentences?


I thought adjective endings in the dative always took -en. Not -em. What is wrong here, guys?


In einem guten Zustand. In gutem Zustand. If you provide "case signal" with definite/indefinite article, adjective gets common indirect case ending "-en", otherwise it must have specific ending. The same is true for other cases (genitive/accusative).


Hi, Arthur

I think I'm having the same problem. I was expecting - im guten Zustand, and they came up with - in gutem Zustand. (That sound you hear is my head exploding.)

I used Context Reverso on this, and both come up, though in gutem Zustand is more common.

I think the second one is closer to our 'in good shape' - no article to show dative, so the dative ending pops up on the adjective. It does the job of 'der', since 'der' isn't there.

That;s what I was telling myself before my brain went bang, anyway.

:) :)


Why is "You are in good order" not accepted. I know it's used more for e.g. houses or cars but should apply to people too, shouldn't it?


I don't quite understand why it isn't in good standing--it means in good shape, but more like state or condition. Do any native speakers know why that wouldn't be correct?


Hi, Michelle

Good standing means having a good reputation. You could have a good reputation, but be drunk or ill - so you would be in a bad state, but in good standing.

We often talk about 'a person of good standing', or 'he is in good standing with the management' ...something like that.

Any help? :)


Hi Linda,

Is there any reason why "in gutem Zustand" can't be used to describe a chartered accountant, a lawyer, or an private individual that passes a credit check?


Hullo, Lucky

No, I don't think so. Since anyone at all can be in good shape - i.e. fit and healthy, not drunk or ill - I guess even lawyers and accountants can be 'in gutem Zustand'.

Whether or not they are in good standing, however, is a different question.

(I could make a mean comment about lawyers, but those jokes are a bit tired by now.)



When I see that "stand" tucked away in there I yearn to connect it to something already wired up in my brain.

But yeah, I think I actually get it now. Thanks :)


Awesome! Thanks much!


how would you say "in good standing" in German?


if you mean "of good standing" it would be "angesehen"


what does good standing mean? I've never heard anyone say that. Is it some weird British thing? lol


Wikipedia says this:

Good standing

A person or organisation in good standing is regarded as having complied with all their explicit obligations and having unabated powers to conduct their activities.


Is "situation" for "Zustand" a wrong translation? (It was rejected.)


I would translate 'situation' more as 'Situation' or 'Lage'.


Das Zustand or der Zustand?


Can zustand be interchanged with form?


Usually not. "Zustand" translates to "state" or "condition", whereas "Form" means "shape". The only exception I know of is that you can say "Ich bin in Form", with which I d not want to tell that I am well-shaped, but that I am in a good condition (because I have done sports or the like). But this is an idiomatic phrase. It does not apply here, because the addition of the adjective "good"/"gut" destroys the idiomatic phrase and you have to use "Zustand".

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