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  5. "What is Dewi Lingo like?"

"What is Dewi Lingo like?"

Translation:Sut un ydy Dewi Lingo?

March 4, 2016



Shouldn't "Sut un yw Dewi Lingo" be "How is Dewi Lingo"? I would have thought "What" would be "beth"?


No, this is a specific phrase that we use in Welsh that you do not translate directly. I guess you could say "Beth ydy Dewi Lingo fel" but it sounds really bad to the ear. EDIT: Just looked at this again after one year and I wanna get rid of the last sentence, you'd never use "Beth" in this sort of sentence.


when do you use "yw" vs. "ydy"? There was a sentence earlier that was "Sut un yw" somthing or other, but in this one it's "Sut un ydy"


There's no difference. It's a matter of local dialect or personal preference.


I'm confused, is Dewi Lingo actually Duo Lingo? If so, why doesn't it translate to Duo Lingo?

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