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  5. "We are not responsible."

"We are not responsible."

Translation:Nosotros no somos responsables.

January 18, 2013


[deactivated user]

    No somos responsable - it's not in our character to be responsible people. No estamos responsable - on this occasion, we're not responsible.

    Both should be accepted, but at the time of writing only the former is.


    This is not quite right. Even though the rule of thumb is that "somos" is used for a permanent state of being, and "estamos" is used for temporary states, there are many complexities and intricacies in the use between the two. For example, you say "La casa está en Colombia" (the house is in Colombia), even though this is pretty much a permanent state of being.

    It turns out that for "being responsible", you always use "somos".


    Estar is for location so that is why it is use with La casa esta en Colombia. It is merely the rule that ser is always used with responsable.


    In our Spanish class in high school, we used this to determine which 'to be' to use:

    • Ser - Description (I am nice) Origin (He is from Spain) Characteristic (basically same as Description, but to make the DOCTOR acronym) Time (It is twelve o'clock) Occupation (I am a nurse) Relation (She is my aunt)

    • Estar - Health (You are sick) Emotion (We are angry) Location (The restaraunt is downtown) Present Progressive (I am doing my homework) Temporary (only used if none of the above apply).

    Note: Location is not used if it is describing where an event takes place.


    You use the verb "ser" instead of "estar" in this case because it is a description or characteristic of someone that is considered unchanging.


    Responsibilities are far from unchanging. I think using the terms changing vs unchanging, or temporary vs permanent, actually confuse English speakers even more because ser and estar mean so much more than that. I think it just takes lots of practice and people will get a feel for it.


    You are very right. Many people try to oversimplify it because of these rules.


    But shouldn't "estar" be used if your talking about a specific responsibility? For example, you're preparing for a wedding and trying to figure out who is responsible for the cake.


    No. You have to use «ser» in those situations too.


    The translation indicates that "responsables" is correct, is the "s" on the end of "resonsable" to create plural agreement with the subject?


    Why are nosotros and nosotras both right? What is the different between nosotros y nosotras?


    nosotras means "we" or "us" for a group composed entirely of females.

    nosotros means "we" or "us" for a group composed entirely of males or of both males and females.


    Thank you for the explanation. That confused me.


    Sherlock Holmes saw your profile name and had the sudden urge to call you "my dear"....


    I marked both and i got marked wrong?


    What the heck i got the same question again. This time i marked one with "Nosotras" and it was marked wrong!! Last time i marked both statements with Nosotros/Nosotras and i was again marked wrong!! What gives? I want my heart for both of those!!


    That has left me confused too.


    I had the same problem, it must be an error in the question. I reported it, I recommend doing the same


    why cant it be ''nosotros somos no responsable''


    the negation needs to go before the verb. So, nosotros/as no somos responableS


    I know! Did it throw a new word at you and say your answer is wrong? It did that to me.


    Wth??..no matter I pick is the answer its wrong....I can't get past this question! !:(


    Me too this is so frustrating. And evertime I try then the progress bar retreats. This is a glich in the programme. They have to fix this.


    This question does not register the correct answer either way and every time you answer then then progress bar decreases!! So frustrating. Fix this because we cant go any further!!


    Why nosotras and not nosotros? Confused!!


    is this used in a legal sense as well or just to say someone is irresponsible in terms of life decisions


    Why not" Estamos no responsible "?


    The no should come first in Spanish. The verb that goes work responsibilities is ser, not estar, but you did conjugate estar correctly. Lastly since "we" means there's more than one person who's not responsible, we need to make the sentence plural. That leaves us with "no somos responsables" which is correct!


    Nosotras = we and somos = we, so how do sticking these in a sentence work?


    Nosotras is the equivalent of "we", somos is a verb (ser) in the we form, so is the equivalent of "we are" -- remember you can say "Yo soy" or you can just say "soy", and both are correct. So "No somos responsables" would also be a correct translation


    Strange: he didn.t accept nosotras no somos


    I used all and still got it wrong


    none of the options work!!!


    this reminds me of my sister


    It told me no somos responsable was wrong and it should be no somos culpables. I haven't had that word. Or I don't recall seeing it.


    "Nosotros no somos responsables" is wrong??

    Telling me it should be "Nosotros no somos cumplidos"?? What is cumplidos and when did we learn that??


    I got the same. And yet at the top it has "Nosotros no somos responsable."


    Si yo como comida con pan


    Machine answer : Nosotros somos irresponsable. Much too broad. Not being responsible for an act does not mean necessarily that one is irresponsible. The translation was my answer.


    Confiables? Funny that this is the choice word seeing how it has never appeared in this app before.


    Que es confiables?


    In reality, do you have to say nosotros even if the verb implies 'we are'? Isn't that overkill

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