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  5. "My colorful underpants"

"My colorful underpants"

Translation:Moje kolorowe majtki

March 5, 2016



Dlaczego "moje" a nie "moi"?


For female/neuter plural nouns it's 'moje' (moje majtki, moje kole┼╝anki, moje auta), only for masculine ones 'moi' (moi koledzy, moi ...)


The misogynistic language! )


Well... from the Polish point of view, Russian is misogynistic by using 'moi' for everything and not having a separate pronoun for women :P


I guess word order is important since I was marked wrong but I thought I saw noun-adjective before. Are there any rules or guidelines for where to put adjectives? Before or after the noun.


Yes, look at this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13508523.

But for example in poetry word order can be more flexible.


I can't find any other place to comment, but have we lost the ability to see the answers we posted? I had found this so helpful, particularly on the timed exercises, so I hope this is a temporary change. There also no longer seems an opportunity on the 'report' section to report 'something other than the three basic faults' (e.g. incorrect recording). Hope you can help. Thanks.


I agree with you, but here it is, two years later and nothing has changed. I guess it's not going to happen. Sorry us.

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