"Wasza ryba lubi mięso."

Translation:Your fish likes meat.

March 5, 2016

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what a strange fish


Maybe it is a shark.


ahh true, i thought like a beef or chicken eating fish haha


Jaws theme plays


Perhaps a piranha from the Jopara lesson.


Is this the little evil fish from Tamta mała ryba jest zła?


I just did a sentence with twoja and now one with wasza. According to the hints, both are singular, feminine, nominative for "your." That's confusing. I'll probably figure it out as I continue, but if someone would like to explain, I'd be grateful. Thanks.


Well, there are two problems. One with the English language, and one in describing the word in the hints in an unambigous way.

So first: forms of "twój" are for singular 'you', aimed at one person. Forms of "wasz" are for plural 'you', aimed at more people.

But what's confusing is that 'singular' part in the hints for "wasza". It means that it describes a singular feminine noun. That it is your fish, just one, and not your fish, seven of them. Actually the specific noun used here adds to the confusion, having the same singular and plural in English...


That gives me enough of an idea... Thanks. It's funny how my knowledge of Spanish is helping me understand Polish. :-)


Yes, the hint is very confusing. Because it is 'your' from the perspective of at least two individuals. I personally think if the hint said 'pl.' it would be more understandable.


In English fish can be used in both singular and plural so I can't see any problem with 'Your fish like meat' as an answer but its been rejected. Maybe just my sloppy English or some grammar rule that I am not aware of?


Pretty sure "ryba" is singular. In Polish, fish has a plural and singular form.


why 'your fish like meat' is wrong?


because the fish is 3rd person singular: he, she, it likeS, not like


Fish can be both singular and plural, so the sentence on its own is correct. However, it's not a valid translation, since the Polish sentence uses ryba in singular.

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