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  5. "Tá cótaí oraibh."

" cótaí oraibh."

Translation:You have coats on.

March 5, 2016



Surely saying ye instead of you should be accepted


I have to fight this instinct too!

I've only had it accepted once, to answer "An bhfuil bróga glasa uaibh?", (where if I remember right it's compulsory to answer 'ye' and I'd finally got into the habit of 'you', ...sigh), and no I don't thanks. Blue suede only please, but I don't want to answer for the rest of ye.


Shouldn't "you wear coats" be correct also?


No. That'd be caitheann tú/sibh cótaí


I think I've seen ye accepted in place of you in other answers. Ye is still used in English as spoken in Ireland.


The game is called - guess what's in the mind of the questioner


Would "There are coats on you." be acceptable?


It's an overly literal translation - just as tá cótaí agaibh makes more sense as "you have coats", Tá cótaí oraibh makes more sense as "you have coats on"


I wrote, you have coats on you. Incorrect... I dont think thats wrong


How do I know if its "you have coats" or "you have coats on" I cant tell the difference here??


"you have coats" just means that you possess coats - the coats could be in a bag, or hanging on the backs of your chairs. In fact, ask a large enough group of kids, and one of them is bound to answer "I have a coat, but I left it at home".

Possession is indicated with the preposition ag - Tá cótaí agaibh is "you have coats".

oraibh- "on you" indicates that the coats are being worn. The sentence can also be translated as "there are coats on you", but "you have coats on" is a more likely expression in ordinary English speech.


I out you have on coats. Incorrect. Aight, then.


Why was "you have on coats" marked incorrect? I've heard this said before

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