How big is the skill tree?

How big is the DL Skill Tree (in Italian specifically)?

I've been studying with DL for 99 days and moved from Level 9 to 20. Despite that I'm only about halfway through the tree and my vocab i s stuck at 917 words for ages even though the total vocab is reportedly 2000.

Any insights would be gratefully received.

4 years ago

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You learn new vocabulary by learning new skills, independently of your level or the time you have spent on Duolingo. By practising the already known skills you do not learn any vocabulary. For example, I am on level 17 but I have learnt 1445 words, because I completed more lessons and skills than you did.

I hope that helped. Happy new year and keep the hard work up! :)

4 years ago

Hi Jose,

That's interesting, thanks. You obviously know more than me about this.

As you say you've learnt 1445, more than my 917; is that just in Italian?

I started at Level 9 (might have been 10) and just worked steadily doing the lessons as they came up. I didn't take any shortcuts, but I didn't do many sections more than once. So why at Level 20 have got a vocab that's so much smaller.

I'm slowly learning new things about DL. Your advice would be very helpful.

Buon capodanno, Gordon

4 years ago
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if u do pronouns and v. imper u will get more vocab

4 years ago
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