Practice Word: Why just two questions?

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I tried to strengthen the verb "faire" in the forms I learnt so far. But why i got only two tasks per season? It would be nice to have all forms learnt so far in one season!

4 years ago


It annoys me too. I think 10 questions would be about right.

4 years ago
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The more forms of the word you learn, the more words you get from Practice Word. For example, when I practice ser (Spanish 'to be'), I get 20 questions. Other random verbs, I average about 8 questions. For nouns and other parts of speech, I usually only get 2 questions.
This makes since to me though. With verbs, you are practicing different forms of the word, so it makes sense to have more questions, but if you are just writing out a noun, after you've seen it twice, seeing it a bunch of times isn't really going to reinforce the vocabulary.

4 years ago
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