March 5, 2016

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I'm not sure why we're being asked to translate a name. The first time I tried "John" (which is the English equivalent), but that was wrong. Then I tried "Sion" and was told I was nearly right! As we can't add the accent when typing in English, it's a rather pointless question.


That is a question of the set-up of your computer. I set the type layout to "dead keys" and I can type ^ before o and it is combined automatically to ô. If you have a cheap version of Windows Microsoft does everything to prevent you from typing ŵ. That is their business model.


For Mac users - System Pref>Keyboard>Input Sources allows you to add foreign lang keyboards. A neat flag appears in the top right menu bar, which allows you to easily switch between them. In Welsh, pressing alt + o gives ô.


alt + 0244 on the Num Pad will give you the o-circumflex. You can then get top marks for correctly translating "Siôn" as "Siôn".


Well at least if it weren't for this name Sion and the comments I wouldn't know it was a boys name. And does that mean Sian is a girls name?


Yes. Siôn = John and Sian = Jane.

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