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One year on Duolingo

It was a year ago yesterday when I first registered for Duolingo. I don't know how to gauge my learning in that time. I've completed the Italian and German courses, and the reverse courses of both. For while, I was just concentrating on keeping my trees golden, then I decided to concentrate on reviewing one language. I chose Italian, since that is the language that led to my signing up on Duolingo. I'm doing general refreshing right now, and I have almost reached level 24. I've learned quite a bit of grammar, and a whole bunch of vocabulary, but I don't know if I would be at all comfortable trying to speak the language.

The reviewing is worthwhile. I have learned quite a bit just in that process. So don't quit if you finished your tree. Keep reviewing!

March 5, 2016



Thanks for all the comments! I feel a little self-conscious about bragging about my accomplishments, but it is nice to be recognized.




Excellent work! :)


So glad and encouraged to read your story. Thanks for sharing.and congratulations on your first year! ^_^


Always so positive! Many thanks and congratulations on your continued learning.


Wonderful job - thanks as well for being such a positive influence in the Duolingo community!


I cannot believe the progress that I have made with Duolingo in just over a year. I had a brief fling with Spanish about fifty years ago and in my time on DL I have just reached level 23. I have concentrated so much because of the studies related to dementia and Alzheimers. I don't have any plans after I reach 25 except to review and strengthen the Spanish, perhaps the reverse tree.


I, too, had studied German over 50 years ago, and had a brief exposure to Italian. And I think, too, even if I never use this new knowledge, at least, it helps keep the mind sharp.


Congratulations! :) You've done brilliantly. I was inspired by you when I first joined Duolingo. I find the whole set up of the system really works for me, I enjoy the process and feel relaxed working here. I've even got my sister-in-law and some friends and neighbours to join up and people are pleased they did.

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Amazing achievement! Congratulations. Or should I rather say: Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch! :-)


Congratulations, now the fun begins ! You should try to speak the language with locals, I think it is the best way to evaluate your level. It is like swimming, you can know everything about how to move your arms but if you don't jump, you will never know if you can really swim.


Congratulations! Do try joining us in immersion- you might have fun there.


I've debated about getting into the immersion - haven't made up my mind yet. When they used to give you at shot at immersion whenever you completed a lesson (or was it a unit?), although I never actually got into it, I would often translate a bit of it mentally.


I'm terrible at posting links, but a bunch of very nice people are working through an article in German immersion, called Demokratie. It is mostly translated, but could still use some checking and proofing. It might be a nice place for you to start.


Congratulations! Now you can use this website to write texts in German and Italian, so native speakers are going to correct your texts :) http://lang-8.com/ . I've been learning a lot with this site, maybe it can helps you too :)


Thanks! I might give it a try.


Congratulations on a year here!


Congratulations! :D


Congratulations, you've accomplished a lot in one year! I encourage you to get some real life conversation going, maybe even an italki tutor. It is difficult and a little frustrating, but it will come! I think it might bring you even more enjoyment. Thanks for your inspiring story!


Congratulations! I'm so glad that there are people in the community who can provide positive inspiration like you :) danke!


And now I have reached level 24 in Italian.


Congratulations! That accomplishment is worthy of a Lingot ;) Keep up the great work!

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