"De vrouw"

Translation:The woman

2 years ago



I don't understand the difference between het and de

1 year ago

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Words have genders, similar to der, die, das in German (since you are already at level 10 in German).

  • Masculine/Feminine - de (der and die in German)
  • Neuter - het (das in German).
1 year ago

[deactivated user]

    So why do we say ‘het meisje’?

    6 months ago

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    I see that you are level 10 in German! I am not sure of the logic behind Dutch genders, but whenever I see a word like "het meisje", I refer to the German genders and check if they have a similarity. Example:

    Dutch: het meisje German: das Mädchen

    The genders are usually the same, so I assume that the origins of the words between German and Dutch have similarities in how a word came to be.

    If you are interested, this is an interesting thread for the reasoning behind why 'das Mädchen' is neutral in German. It seems that gender doesn't always have anything to do with a word's actual gender, and by no surprise, languages are very complex. :)


    5 months ago


    Yes ..can you help me to know the difference ??

    1 month ago


    There doesn't seem to be a logic, i am also struggling with this because its a matter of remembering individual words and their assigned genders. Other languages have the same problem. However i dont understat why Vrouw is assigned woth De

    7 months ago
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