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  5. "Det har gått bra."

"Det har gått bra."

Translation:It has gone well.

March 5, 2016



"It has gone good." Wow my native english is escaping me xD


Can't understand the sence of this


It's like прошло успешно or хорошо получилось, if that helps.




Unfortunately that does not help.


I must have answered that because I figured obitonye would know Russian – can't remember now, almost a year later. I have no idea in your case, but in English, they say 'it went well' to mean that some event was successful or had a good outcome. Det gick bra works the same way in Swedish.

For instance, if someone knows you've been to the dentist, they might ask you afterwards Hur gick det?, in English they might say 'How did it go?', meaning what was it like, how did it turn out or something like that.


"It went well" was marked wrong. "It has gone well" doesn't seem very familiar to me as a non-native speaker. Is this a common expression in English? Can "det har gått bra" mean "it went well"? Or does it have to be "it has gone well"?


It went well would be "det gick bra". You would say it went well in english but adding "har" in swedish implies a specific form of pas tense. Making "it has gone well" an acurate translation of the swedish frase, not an english frase on its own.


I am a native Russian speaker and Прошло успешно, хорошо получилось (хорошо/неплохо вышло) is a completely correct sentences here, I believe

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