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  5. "Sono questi i tuoi occhiali?"

"Sono questi i tuoi occhiali?"

Translation:Are these your glasses?

March 5, 2016



Can it be: "questi sono i tuoi occhiali?"


What's wrong with 'Are these glasses yours'? It means the same in English.


they are two slightly different sentences; you put the stress on the owner or the object, but of course they are similar.

  • Are these glasses yours? --> Sono tuoi questi occhiali?

  • Are these your glasses? --> Sono questi i tuoi occhiali?


first time i've seen question verb inversion in duo's italian module. so far questions have always been of the form "Luigi ha molte sorelle?" as opposed to "Ha Luigi molte sorelle?", which is the form i'm used to from english, german and french. in another thread, i posed this question but someone (not a native, i think) said that italian doesn't have verb inversion in questions. yet here it is! can someone please explain? why is this question in verb-inversion form as opposed to "questi sono i tuoi occhiali?" ?

P.S.: the very next question i got was "Quello è un delfino o una balena?" which does not use verb inversion.


Do you use "questi" for "those" and "these" interchangeably?


No, they are different:

questi = these

quei = those

Remember that these two words change depending of the subject, it's gender and whether it's singular or plural.

  • Questo cappello è rosso. = This hat is red.
  • Quel cappello è verde. = That hat is green.
  • Questi cappelli sono rossi. = These hats are red.
  • Quei cappelli sono verdi. = Those hats are green.

  • Questa matita è la sua. = This pencil is hers.

  • Quella matita è la sua. = That pencil is hers.
  • Queste matite sono le mie. = These pencils are mine.
  • Quelle matite sono le mie. = Those pencils are mine.

  • Questo zaino è troppo grande. = This backpack is too big.

  • Quello zaino è troppo grande. = That backpack is too big.
  • Questi zaini sono troppo grandi. = These backpacks are too big.
  • Quegli zaini sono troppo grandi. = Those backpacks are too big.

A discussion with more interesting information about: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14419315/Quei-vs-Quelli-Plural

Hope this helps.


A great help - I am always getting these mixed up. Many thanks and please have a lingot too.


Help. Can anyone answer maz1269's question. Would also like to know. Thank you.


Same question as Anthony. It seems like questi can mean these or those.


We also say specs for glasses in English


Only as a coloquial shortcut to 'spectacles', by the way.


"tuoi" is not pronounced correctly. (an "L" has been inserted)

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