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"Jeg har aldrig haft en kæreste."

Translation:I have never had a girlfriend.

March 5, 2016



Maybe she is a girl


‘Kæreste’ is for any gender...


'I have never had a lover' was not accepted yet kæreste =lover was given in earlier exercises.


I was told kæreste = dearest earlier myself.


"I never have had a girlfriend" was marked wrong. Can anybody tell me why (i'm not a native English speaker)


In case you're still wondering: That word order doesn't sound right in english. I can imagine it in a poem, but day-to-day I'd expect to instead hear: "I have never had a girlfriend."


I agree but I think it's harsh to mark it wrong when it's not technically incorrect!


because in English "adverb" must come after helping verbs which is "have" in this sentence. So the correct answer is "I have never had a girlfriend"

P.S this sentence is wrong about me in reality! ;)


would be "i've never had a boyfriend"


In the past, sweetheart was accepted; but not this time. In any case partner implies a stronger relationship where as girlfriend or boyfriend does not.


Kaereste appears in several exercises and the English translation is given as "girlfriend" in each case. The correct, generic translation of this common Danish word is "sweetheart." If the gender of the sweetheart is known then "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" may be properly used as an English translation. In some contexts "lover" would also be an appropriate translation though "elskede" or "elskerinde" are Danish terms that would more likely be chosen in translating "lover" into Danish. As with all translation context dictates choices among alternative word choices.


"I never have had a girlfriend." should be accepted. I am a native speaker of English.

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