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"Depuis quelques années les deux membres du groupe font carrière chacun de leur côté."

January 18, 2013



The English translation of this doesn't make sense.


I don't think this is a very good sentence. French and English.


If you are going to put in such a ridiculous statement maybe you should put in lots of different possible translations as the solution? I get this wrong every time even though I know what it means because I can't fit it into an English sentence that you accept. I am a native English speaker so it's not my English that's the problem...


Agreed. This is completely nonsensical.


I agree with the rest of these comments!


Co-sign with all the others. This sentence doesn't make any sense in English.

It's also so long that there are too many ways to express the same idea in English. Unless all of those are marked as correct, this sentence should be removed.

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