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Translation:mis Rhagfyr

March 5, 2016



While I eventually managed to remember the actual names for the last three months, I just could not remember which was which, until I noticed this. Here's my weird way of remembering the order Hydref, Tachwedd, Rhagfyr.

HTR - as the months get colder, you need a HeaTeR. HTR. That's it! Maybe it won't help you depending on how your mind works, but it now always works for me!


Do months in welsh always have to be preceded by Mis? or is just Rhagfyr for December acceptable?


I think we're supposed to put "Mis" in front technically, but in practice it is often omitted.


Just the name of the month is acceptable but I'd recommend preceding it with 'Mis' as 'Hydref' is both a month and a season.


What's the story behind the word "Rhagfyr"? It's easy to remember as the last month as it could have things in common with "Ragnarök" (the end of the world in norse mythology) and the old Swedish word "fyr" is a fire producing smoke (the Swedish word for smoke is "rök"), but I doubt very much that this is the correct concept... :-)


It comes from "Rhag" and "Byr", so means something like "Before the days are short", although it seems a bit odd since the days in December are already short (although perhaps it is because December is the run up to the shortest day.)


Makes sense! :-D

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