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Finished the English from Russian tree

Hi people, I just wanted to share that I've just completed the English from Russian beta course. It was an excellent experience, even if frustrating at times due to it being in beta.

It took me less than two weeks - I started in on Friday the 20th if I recall correctly.

I can say that there easily are more than 100 accepted reports that I've submitted. There could be a lot more, but I can't judge well. In any case I'm glad that I've contributed with something to the course.

The course itself was quite good for beta, which means only one thing - the incubator is working! :) Hopefully we'll see a lot more languages soon.

In all probability I'm not the first to finish it, as I saw a few days ago somebody who was one level higher than me and clearly farther away in their three.

Those were my thoughts for the moment. Oh and я надеюсь, что сейчас я могу сказать что-то по-русски. :)

December 31, 2013



Wow, Vedun, thank you for sharing. At first I thought that you were a Russian native, as it would be a normal pace for someone who knows both Russian and English. What is your native language then?

In any case, thank you for your help, the reports and everything. Thanks to you and other participants our course is becoming better and better. There are still hundreds of reports to be considered, we work hard every day, and it would never be possible for only 3 of us to come up with all possible and correct translations and great ideas for the interface, which we are provided by the users.

By the way, I remember someone asked, when courses can move from beta. I can explain that. We, moderators, have the same skill tree as the users have, and it is gold when all the users using it are happy and do not report anything. However, when users report problems the skills lose their strength on our tree. The goal is to fix all the problems and keep the tree gold all the time. When we achieve that the course can be released from beta. At the same time we keep working on the interface as well, and we think that it will be also polished by the time the tree is gold.


Wow, the information about your own tree and keeping it gold is really interesting. Thanks for the insight!


Gamification of content creation! Genius!


I am pretty sure that Vedun's native language is English. I know for a fact that it isn't Russian. Vedun is one of the people who decide to "reverse-engineer" the tree, so to speak.

Edit: It would seem that Vedun's native language is Bulgarian... Vedun's a really good English speaker, though.


Congrats! Super impressive. Thank you for all your feedback as well. It is invaluable to all the language learners of English from Russian that will come after you :)


A big thank you for all the feedback will be eventually help me and thousands , millions of future learners . You are a star. Enjoy the new year all the best Jack


Wow! Amazing job! But how is it possible that you have reported over a hundred reports, if you're not native in Russian?


It's pretty simple, really, you know there is a missing translation when one word isn't accepted, but its synonym is given in the answer, or the word order from the previous question is wrong in the next one, or just an alternative word order that should work doesn't (as in moving the adverbs, Russian has flexible word order), or using one grammatical construction instead of the other when it's possible to use both, etc. There were also occasional typos in the Russian sentences.

And most importantly, when the definite article is translated as 'this' in Russian (which has no definite article), you're not required to write out this word 'this', but every now and then that was missed and not including it was counted as an error.

There a lot of many different little things that add up a lot of variation.


How did you access the beta course?


Go into your settings and look at the learning language drop down. You can select English from Russian there :)


WoW it's awesome to finish the tree in 2 weeks!

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