German drop down list display glitch - new gui

This might not make sense without a screenshot, but a screenshot is beyond my capabilities at the moment due to restrictions.

The latest Duo version has a display glitch for drop down menus within lessons.

If I get a question like blank Teller (German section) and I'm supposed to pick one of the "der" words from the drop down box, the words (der, die, das) are invisible until I scroll the mouse cursor over them, at which point they become visible.

Just thought I'd let you know.

December 31, 2013


Thanks! I get what you're describing sans screenshot.

Also! If you want to share a screenshot in the future you can by following these steps 1. Take a screenshot

  1. Go to and upload the image.

  2. Click on the image to get the url

  3. Share in a discussion by doing the following: ![] and then putting brackets around the url (url)

December 31, 2013


This seems to be an issue elsewhere too as it occurs for me with the "Learning Language" drop down menu. All blank except for my current setting until I move the mouse into the display box.

December 31, 2013

Can you post a screenshot and tell us what browser you're using? Thanks!

December 31, 2013

Google Chrome: Version 31.0.1650.63 m
Three screenshots, the first one shows my language setting automatically; the third one I'm hovering over the drop down list with my mouse to show one of the words:

Direct links:

January 1, 2014
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