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  5. "Das sind ihre Lehrer."

"Das sind ihre Lehrer."

Translation:Those are their teachers.

January 18, 2013



why "these" and not "those"?


I am wondering the same thing


you can write 'these' or 'those', and 'her' or 'their'

"these/those are her/their teachers"


why not "These are your teachers"


Same question. I thought "ihre" could also indicate the informal, plural "you."


That would be 'Ihre' with a capital I instead of 'ihre'.


how do you know Lehrer is plural?


Because if it was singular it would be: Das ist ihr Lehrer. You can know it's plural by 'sind' and 'ihre'.


Why Das not Die if there are more than one?


Because that article doesn't refer to the teachers directly. This sort of 'das' describes a group of things or persons you could draw a circle around and speak of the circled as a whole. Das sind meine Kinder, das ist meine Frau, das sind meine Häuser und das meine Kreditkarten = These are my children, this is my wife, those are my houses and those are my credit cards. I don't know if there is any specified rule for this case. It's similar to 'es', but more definite, like 'it is about time' - 'es ist zeit', the es/it doesn't have much of a meaning and is more like a little helper.


Ahh that makes some sense, although then I wonder why "sind" not "ist". I guess just a linguistic idiosyncrasy we have to learn!?


I've found this for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predicate_(grammar)#Predicates_in_traditional_grammar

Our sentence here uses a predicative nominal and the german wikipedia says, they only follow these verbs or copulas respetively: sein, werden, heißen, scheinen (zu sein), bleiben, gelten (als), (sich) fühlen (als), (sich) dünken (als), (sich) erweisen (als), (sich) entpuppen (als), sich glauben (als). And for the verb's conjunction, canoonet says: 'If subject and predicative nominative are not of equal number, the verb [copula] is in general used in the plural form'. If you compare that to my examples, everything is explained and makes a lot of sense to me.


All I can say is "Wow!"


if it was written in the formal way, it could mean "these are your teachers" aswell


Why not those are her teachers?

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