"В комнате два окна."

Translation:There are two windows in the room.

March 5, 2016

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is окна one of those irregular plurals? like город - города?


No. numbers 2, 3, and 4 require the genitive singular.

The genitive singular ending for neuter nouns is "-а".

Additionally, the nominative plural ending for neuter nouns is also "-а", so "Окна" is a very regular plural as well.


I'm confused - under what circumstances do 2, 3, and 4 things take genitive singular? If it's always, when do we use nominative plural?


I would have translated this as "The room has two windows." Is this also reasonable?


On which syllable is the stress placed in the word окна? Thanks!


Probably a bit late, but it is on the letter а. One way to tell is that when you hear окна you can tell the o is pronounced as a. This is because unstressed o is pronounced as a.


To an American, Dyu wananoinj? = Do you want an orange? Similarly, in Russian, фконеtе двокна = в комнате два окна. It's awfully hard for a learner to parse out the words in a slurred together group of words. The fast and slow versions don't sound anything like each other, except to a native Russian.


It wouldn't accept "In a room there are two windows."


In the room, two windows


In the sentence the stress on окна is on the second syllable, but in isolation in the word bank it is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, why is this?


OFF SUBJECT: What does adding подо or про to the beginning of a verb do? e.g. подождите Wait a moment. Проходите Come in


Not a native English speaker, but... doesn't it sound better to say "The room has two windows."? "There are two windows in the room." could also mean that there are two unmounted windows left lying on a side of a wall, waiting to be put to use? :)

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