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Suggested improvement for how immersion vote breakdown is shown

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This is just a small suggestion for an enhancement to the very welcome innovation of showing where you've gained up and downvotes in immersion.

At the moment this is only shown for points counting towards your next tier. It's happened to me twice now that I've come back to Duo next day and found I've gone up a tier, but am unable to see which of my translations has been well-received, and to learn from that.

It's a nice problem to have, but if - as happened to me today - you suddenly go from 36 net upvotes to the next tier, you don't get much specific feedback at all.

I wonder if it would be possible to show the votes for your current AND previous tier to get around this problem? It's not life-threatening, but it does make the feature much less informative than it could be.

4 years ago

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Agreed, I would like to see what people think of my previous translations.

4 years ago