"I am lending you my clothes."

Translation:Pożyczam wam moje ubrania.

March 6, 2016

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warum heisst es hier moje und nicht moja ubrania


ubrania is plural from ubranie


Is there a difference between wam and ci as to case?


The case is the same (dative), but 'wam' is plural and 'ci' is singular.


Tobie was also accepted as the right answer.

What are the differences between wam, ci, tobie and tobią?


"tobią" - not a word. The closest is "tobą", which is 2nd person singular Instrumental (e.g. "Rozmawiam z tobą" = "I am talking with you, John").

The rest is Dative, which is the case needed here, used for the indirect object of the sentence.

"ci" - 2nd person singular.

"wam" - 2nd person plural.

"tobie" - the emphasized variant of "ci", so it's like "I am lending YOU my clothes, I am not lending them to John!". It shouldn't be accepted here, I guess the answer stayed from the old times when we were more lenient about this. Removed now, because there's just no reason in this sentence to use an emphasized form.


what's the plural equivalent for "tobie"?


"Wam" which is used for both emphatic and non-emphatic contexts.


I was marked wrong for using "tobie" I put: Pożyczam tobie moje ubrania It said the correct answer was: Pożyczam wam moje ubrania.


You can find the explanation just three comments above...


in Polish 'clothes' are 'ubrania' but also 'rzeczy'. So the answer 'Pożyczam wam moje rzeczy' is correct and should be accepted.


Could you please link to a dictionary that lists such a meaning?

I can even agree that people sometimes use "rzeczy" in such a way, but that's definitely colloquial language and come on, you need a very, very specific context for the word "rzeczy" to be understood as "clothes".

In fact I can imagine saying "rozpakowałem swoje rzeczy" - "I unpacked my things", but there were other things in the suitcase, not only clothes...

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