"This child is big."

Translation:To dziecko jest duże.

March 6, 2016



can someone explain the difference between duże and duża? I am having a lot of trouble getting the spelling changes between words in the context of the sentences.

June 2, 2018


Gender. Every adjective has to match the gender of the noun/pronoun it describes.

"duże" is neuter (or 'not masculine-personal plural'). The word "dziecko" is neuter, so it "duże dziecko". As we mentioned 'not masculine-personal plural', "dzieci" (children) belong to this plural, so it's "duże dzieci".

"duża" is feminine. "duża książka" = "a big book".

"duży" is masculine. "duży kot" = "a big cat".

And finally there's 'masculine-personal plural', used for 'groups with at least one man'. "duzi ludzie" = "big people". This form is usually quite different from the other ones.

June 3, 2018


Could you also say "To jest dużo dziecko"?

March 6, 2016


"To jest duże dziecko" would mean "This/That is a big child".

March 6, 2016
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