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  5. "The wine is good."

"The wine is good."

Translation:Le vin est bon.

January 19, 2013



is bon masculin and bonne feminine?


Can "bien" be used instead of "bon" to describe wine?


No, as "bien" is an adverb and not an adjective (except for some specific use cases), whereas "bon" is an adjective. Saying "le vin est bien" would be like saying "the wine is well."

[deactivated user]

    i did use bien and it was correct. I got confused because "le vin est bon" was also correct. Now i've just read your comment and i think you're right but what does it say about this program? Is this a mistake or...


    "Bien" must be an adjectives sometimes. "C'est un garçon bien" was translated as "That is a good boy."


    On another page, Sitesurf explained the meaning of the adverb "bien" when it is used as an adjective in C'est un garçon bien :

    • "un garçon bien" has to do with the boy's moral values. "Un bon garçon" is a nice boy, contrary to a "bad boy".
    • "bien" is an adverb, used as an adjective here in this phrase. So, it follows the general rule and is placed after the noun. "un garçon/homme bien" means that he has moral values.


    Also: Le vin, c'est bon. Right?


    It just doesn't work in this case because it wants you to say "the wine is good" not "the wine, it's good"


    no, but in my experience that's what people would say - le vin, c'est bon - so whilst that translates literally as - the wine, it is good - it actually translates as the wine is good, i.e that's what would be meant if a french-speaker said this. i love this programme, but it drives me mad when learning a language that we're so often taught the perfectly correct way of saying things rather than the way people actually speak


    le vin? c'est bon!


    is "bons" the plural of "bon"? it never showed me this word before


    Yes, "bons" is the plural form of "bon" (both are masculine), but I'm not sure where you're encountering "bons" as this sentence should be "le vin est bon."


    The hint for "good" was "bons"


    If you are applying an adjective to a plural noun, the adjective must be "plural" as well. So, yes, you are correct.


    Also wondering if c'est bon is right?


    Yes, but the program wants the specific word for wine. "C'est bon," is just saying, "It is good."


    Chevaliers de la table ronde, goutons voir si le vin est bon....

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