" an hata agam."

Translation:I have the hat.

March 6, 2016



no audio. Get it together.

May 22, 2016


Someone downvoted this, so I upvoted it.

I fully understand that this is a FREE course, unless one chooses to become a “plus” member.

Speaking purely for myself, I would pay for this course if it included all of the audio. I’m a dumb ol’ country boy, and I have to hear the pronunciation of these words many times over a span of time for the sounds and meanings to “stick”.

Yes, I am still learning more than I would have been had I not started the course, but I firmly believe that one cannot get a solid grasp of a language without hearing the words and phrases repeatedly.

So, Duolingo, if you want another paid member, get the audio stuff fixed. There are dozens of questions that have the audio icon, indicating that an audio file exists, but that don’t have the audio.

As the original poster stated, PLEASE get it together. You’ll have a very loyal PAYING customer for your trouble!

July 16, 2018
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