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  5. "Fifteen cats."

"Fifteen cats."

Translation:Un deg pump cath.

March 6, 2016



I'm guessing this question has changed since pymtheg is no longer one of the options to select. But when picking multiple correct answers, one of the required answers now includes "pum". Is that an error or a variant of pump we haven't been given before revision?


pum is a variant of pump that is used when followed directly by a noun.


The question, then, is whether it is mandatory or optional.


Gareth King writes in his Modern Welsh: a comprehensive grammar:

§162 (d):

Pump is used where there is no immediately following noun; otherwise pum:

Faint o °blant sy ’da chi erbyn hyn? Pump.
How many children have you got now? Five.

Wi wedi bod yn iste fan hyn am °bum awr.
I’ve been siting here for five horus.

Pum dyn but Pump o °ddynion.
Five men

° indicates soft mutation.

So that sounds fairly mandatory to me.

Interestingly, for "6" the matter seems to be slightly different:

§162 (e):

The difference between chwe and chwech is the same as that between pum and pump (see previous note), except that some S regions use chwech even with a following noun.


Is the difference beyween un deg pump and pymtheg just dialect?


Welsh has two numbering systems, the traditional vigesimal system, and the newer decimal system. pymtheg is more traditional, and used more for time, speed and some other scenarios, whereas the newer system (un deg pump) will be used more generally.


Ah! Ok, I'd read about that in the Tips & Notes and then completely forgotten about it.

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