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"O'ch chi'n bwyta yn y caffi preifat?"

Translation:Were you eating in the private cafe?

March 6, 2016



What is a 'private' café?


One of the äcceptable answers is wrong. One of the few almost unbreakable rules in English is that the verb form used after DID or DO is the basic form of the verb, in this case, use . (at least in American English).


As in 'Did you 'eat' in the private cafe?' which should be an acceptabel translation in this case. The Welsh would be 'Wnaethoch chi'n bwyta yn y caffi preifat?' In Welsh the verb doesn't change form after wneud [did] or roedd [were]


gwneud doesn't take yn, though, to my knowledge. If anything, it would be Wnaethoch chi fwyta yn y caffi preifat? if you want the meaning "Did you eat in the private café"? Note the soft mutation of fwyta after the short-form verb wnaethoch chi.

But o'ch chi'n bwyta is "were you eating?" or "did you used to eat?" or, if you insist, "did you use to eat?". (The correct spelling of the question form of this slightly colloquial form is debated.)

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