Translation:A butterfly.

March 6, 2016

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This word is so delightful!


Is there any language whose word for "butterfly" isn't utterly charming?


In North Wales I've seen a place by the name of Ty Gloin (I may be mis-spelling, I'm going from memory here) and the english was butterfly house. Is there another word for butterfly in the North or was it just two separate names?


glöyn, glöyn byw, glöyn Duw, iâr fach y haf, pili-pala, eilir, .... Used in various parts of Wales. Apparently, pili-pala is becoming the most popular term these days.

glöyn also means ember or coal.


Spelled with an "ö"! How bizarre.

I had to check the dictionary to make sure it wasn't a spelling mistake for glôyn or glōyn, which can look similar at small font sizes.

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