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  5. "The children"

"The children"

Translation:Les enfants

January 19, 2013

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Wouldn't l'enfants also be correct?

  • 1820

Since "enfant" starts with a vowel, the masculine article "le" or the feminine article "la" change into "l' " (which is called an "elision").

  • so, the singular (masculine and feminine) is "l'enfant".`

In the plural form, since "les" ends with an "s", there is no need for an elision.

  • so, the plural (masculine and feminine) is always "les enfants".

  • there is a liaison between "les" and "enfants", so it has to be pronounced like this: "les-Z-enfants".


when i should use les enfant and when des, Is not like des hommes des femmes et des enfants?

  • 1820

"The children" means "Les enfants".

"Des enfants" means "Children" or "Some children".

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