"Tasai hi'n oer."

Translation:If she were cold.

March 6, 2016

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So, is this tasai form only for counterfactuals?


tasai is a shortened form of pe tasai = pe basai where pe is the form of 'if' used with conditional, 'unlikely', closed if-statement constructions (a subjunctive, if you like). (In this course, I don't think that pe itself is likely to appear):

  • If it were raining heavily, I would stay at home. - Tasai hi'n bwrw glaw'n drwm, baswn i'n aros gartref

Os is used as 'if' in open if-statements:

  • If it rains heavily, I'll stay at home; if it doesn't, I'll go out - Os bydd hi'n bwrw glaw'n drwm, bydda i'n aros gartref; os na fydd, bydda i'n mynd allan
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