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Can I use the test feature (with hearts) on a given activity as a classroom activity?

I am hoping to use duolingo in a French class tomorrow. Now, I know that there are ways to add students to your account and so on, but the thing is, I am a substitute teacher--this will take too long and not be useful when all I really want is to have the kids try it out on the smartboard.

What I would really like is to be able to go into "Test Out" mode but on one of the skills I've already completed. Playing with the hearts is a little more exciting and would enable me to add an element of competition to the classroom activity. However, it seems that once I've completed a skill I can only repeat lessons or strengthen it--there doesn't seem to be any way for me to just make it give me the test for "Present 1" for example.

Can this be done?

March 7, 2016



I am pretty sure this cannot be done, but what you can do is take the long way around and start a new account and test out until you get to the lesson you want. Just a suggestion.


Thanks, that's what I figured. I guess I can organize a competitive game around finishing the lessons in a certain amount of time instead of using hearts.

That said, would be a useful feature to add. Thanks!

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