"I am taking the next bus."

Vertaling:Ik neem de volgende bus.

March 7, 2016

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How can I use "aan het nemen" in this sentence? I wrote (incorrectly, so Dl told me): "Ik ben de volgende bus aan het nemen"


Here you would not use the Dutch "continuous", most likely because taking the next bus is something you are going to do, and not something you are doing at this moment.


Ik vind de uitleg van El2theK zo duidelijk.Daarvoor mijn dank.


Heel verwarrend swa


It is a quirk of English (apparently and sensibly not of Dutch) that we sometimes use the present continuous for the future tense.

I am sitting on a bench. I am wearing a green shirt. I am reading a book. I am waiting for the next bus. All of these describe activities in which I am engaged right now. I am not engaged in the act of taking a bus right now. The taking will happen in the future.

We're just used to it. And we do it all the time.

Are you ready for tomorrow's interview? Yes. I'm wearing a red tie. (But I won't be wearing a red tie until tomorrow).

Are you going to dinner with your wife? No. She's dining with her sister. (But not until this evening.)

We could say "I will wear a red tie" or "She is going to dine with her sister". Maybe we're just lazy. :)


Waarom is " ik neem de eerstvolgende bus " niet goed ?

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