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Present Continuous vs. Present Simple

English: this course incorrectly gives the Present Simple tense as an alternative for the Present Continuous. While is true in romance languages, not so in English!

January 19, 2013



This should be discussed further, because many users here claim that there is no present contiuous in french, which simply is not true, having the "être en train de" expression. Although that's obviously too difficult for a begginer. The lessons shouldn't translate the english contiuous "i am eating" to the present simple "je mange". That's just wrong, and I see it's a problem that was dragged from google translate.


Here, here! Well and properly said, but I believe the administrators have corrected the Simple Present glitch in their program.


Hi PhraseGenie. I've actually noticed the opposite problem with respect to Spanish. The Present Continuous in English is not being accepted as a correct translation of the Simple Present in Spanish, though it should be. Have you noticed this?


When you translate from some other language to English Duolingo mixes Continuous and Simple so you can't be sure when to use which.

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