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Almost entirely word selection, no free typing, in mobile Strengthen Mode

I use DuoLingo entirely via the app.

When I "Strengthen" my skills, 95% of the questions consist of selecting words or multiple choice questions. Per lesson, there are 1 or rarely 2 free typing questions.

There used to be way more free typing questions. is this a bug, or on purpose? Is everyone experiencing this

I am learning way better with the free typing questions, and am seriourly considering leaving DL because of this...`I am using the Android app on Android 5.1.1, Cyanogen OS, OnePlus One, learning Swedish, lvl 11.

March 7, 2016



Also on the web, now you need to press "use keyboard" in order to type :)

May 15, 2018


I used to learn through the app, but then I deleted it. Try the website, it is more useful.

March 7, 2016


delete the app and use the mobile website

March 9, 2016


Yeah, it's irritating to only select words, not to write them. I was using the mobile app most, until recent changes. I use the mobile website now. In the mobile website you don't have choose words, you only write them

March 18, 2016


I'm running DuoLingo.com in Safari on my iPhone 6 and it works MUCH better than the app. Thanks for this info.

July 3, 2018


I have the other side problem, i had word typing in app. Now is gone, i want it back :(

February 3, 2017
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