"Ddylwn i ddim fod wedi gofyn!"

Translation:I should not have asked!

March 7, 2016

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Is the fod always necessary for should have/should not have?


If you think about it you always need some version of bod with wedi.

Dw i wedi mynd (I've gone), dw = bod

Ro'n i wedi mynd (I'd gone), ro'n = bod

Bydda i wedi mynd (I'll have gone), bydda = bod

Dylwn i fod wedi mynd (I should have gone), fod = bod

Gallwn i fod wedi mynd (I could have gone), fod = bod

Hoffwn i fod wedi mynd (I'd like to have gone), fod = bod


Though with so many variations, to the un-trained learner knowing which forms may or may not be forms of bod is difficult haha


Haha yeah. Gotta learn them verb conjugations!


Yeah. Dylwn, gallwn, hoffwn and so on are all short form verbs and need bod. Is that what you mean?


On that same note, does that mean you cannot use wedi with verb short forms?


Yes, thank you (wouldn't let me comment your latest post)


I know, the comment system just kinda gives up on itself if you get into any kind of depth lol. Croeso.


Why is it fod here and not bod?

Is Ddylwn i ddim bod wedi gofyn also possible?


There is a mistake here and the sentence should have been deleted some time ago. The correct phrase is, as you say:

  • Ddylwn i ddim bod wedi gofyn

We'll delete this one as soon as we can.


Thanks for the explanation!

I got this one while strengthening a skill, if that helps - don't remember which one exactly - "Should&Must" or "Advice" or something like that?


It is in 'give advice'. The correct version is in there as well, which shows that we had spotted the mistake before and earmarked it for deletion - that didn't happen for some reason.

If we add a corrected version, that then comes up some of the time, lessening the impact of the mistake until we can delete the thing. Duo does not let us correct a mistake in the Welsh once a phrase has gone live, only to delete the phrase completely.

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