No Audio on IPad- help

I tried using the app in both Ipad and iphone. Audio (reader) is working in iphone but not for IPad.

Anybody facing the same issue ?Any fix ?


January 1, 2014


I have also experienced this problem occasionally. The audio comes back when I restart the app by closing it in my background programs and then reopening it. Unfortunately, if I am in the middle of a session, I lose my progress, but this doesn't happen too often.

January 1, 2014

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure the volume's on.

  2. Make sure the silent switch isn't on silent settings.

  3. Make sure you have a good and fast internet connection.

(This may be better suited to the Troubleshooting forums. To move it, click edit and choose "Troubleshooting" on the pictured list).

January 1, 2014

Picture is working now. Thanks again for being helpful in the forums! :)

January 1, 2014

Thanks 856pm. I have verified all three points you had mentioned. But the problem persists.

I will anyways move this to the Troubleshooting forums. Thanks for helping.

January 1, 2014
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