Welsh keyboard

On my android tablet and phone I can easily get most of the diacritics required for Welsh, except for "ŵ" and " ŷ". Any suggestions?

Also, in casual texting in Wales, do many people type "w" instead of "ŵ", when the context would make it clear which they meant?

March 7, 2016


For Windows machines, the video on this page explains how to get the accented vowels, It also shows a link to instructions for installing the Welsh keyboard. Or get hold of the free 'To Bach v2' software here -

On MacOS, just choose the Welsh keyboard layout (same basic layout as British English) in Settings/Keyboard>Input Sources to enable the use of the Alt key to get accented vowels. If you tick the box 'Show input in menu bar' you can use the menu bar icon to switch very quickly between the different keyboard layouts that you have enabled.

In iOS, set the region to United Kingdom (Settings/General/Language and Region>Region) in order to get ŵ, ŷ by keeping the relevant key pressed for a little bit longer to see them on the usual pop-up menu of additional characters for each key. Or install the SwiftKey app and Welsh keyboard.

For Android, look on the web for instructions. Or install the SwiftKey app and Welsh keyboard.

September 10, 2017

For those just seeing this, Google Keyboard now also supports Welsh keyboard layout, you can also change settings in the app to allow you to hold down letters and other keys to display accents.

May 1, 2019
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