"Mis Tachwedd"


March 7, 2016

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The Anglo-Saxons equally named the monthe 'BlotmonaĆ¾' (Blood Month) for it being the period in which they killed their animals.


Thanks Ibisc. The lesson gave Hydref as Autumn but mis Hydref is logical for October.


Wictionary says Tachwedd means "slaughter". Is that still true or only etymological?


The big GPC dictionary still lists that meaning, but it's a historical dictionary as well.

The other three online dictionaries I checked (gweiadur, Bangor's, and Trinity St David's) only had "November" as the meaning.


An interesting one! From a look through its entry in the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, the authoratitive etymological dictionary of the language, an old meaning was indeed 'slaughter'. The most recent quotes using that meaning, excluding entries in some old dictionaries, are several hundred years old. It then seemed to be used to refer to the last act of a play or drama, as 'catastrophe' - a technical dramatical term. A similarly old meaning was 'a liitle bit, a small amount'.

But for a long while it has been used as mis Tachwedd. - the time of the last autumnal products in the agricultural cycle, perhaps?


Probably because that was when they did all of their livestock slaughtering to preserve it for the winter.


I always see you in welsh comments


I have gone through the Months lessons twice. It is missing the Welsh for October. Can someone supply please.


mis Hydref


Is dd pronounced as a v sound or an f sound?


Neither. dd sounds like the English voiced /th/ sound in 'the', 'those', 'these'.

The series of videos recommended in first post in the 'Pronunciation' discussion here are essential viewing, really. They are only about five minutes each and we recommend that you go through them all regularly during the course.


Glaw Mis Tachwedd

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