"Twoje urodziny nie są w październiku."

Translation:Your birthday is not in October.

March 7, 2016

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Why do you use plural są instead of jest here?


because urodziny are always plural,


Although "your birthdays are not in October" is not a normal usage in English, it is not incorrect. I have a birthday every year and they are not in October. Native Polish speakers may understand the Polish sentence to imply singular, but for native English speakers, allowing the literal translation as a correct alternative would help us .


We'd prefer to stick to the normal usage though. We don't want people who are not native English speakers to think that this is a common thing to say in English, after all this course is also taken by people wanting to improve their English. And when a Polish person say "urodziny", we rather don't think "they are every year in October"...


Why is 'your birthdays are not in October' incorrect? How would you say that sentence?


Twoje is referring to one person, but one person can't have multiple birthdays within one month.


One could, but under very extenuating services


Because, even though in Polish is plural, in English to refer to only one birthday is always singular


Okay, so since twoje is singular, the speaker is basically saying 'all your birthdays aren't in October , referring to the person's lifespan...rather unwieldy


No, the speaker says exactly what is displayed in the main translation.

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