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Program can't hear my microphone

When I try to do the speaking exercises, the program tells me it can't hear me even though I know my microphone works properly. I have checked settings and microphone is turned on.

January 1, 2014



There can be a few different reasons for this, and it may depend on what kind of device you're using when you use Duolingo.

It sounds like your account settings have the microphone enabled, or you wouldn't be getting the speaking prompts at all. But you can double-check that here (if you're on a computer, not the mobile app):


As a first step I suggest signing into Duolingo from a different browser or device than you normally use, and check to see if you can be heard there. That may help to narrow down the source of the problem.

If you're on a computer but changing the browser doesn't help, then it's likely to be a problem with your audio input. I found that I had to go into my computer settings and turn the input level for the mic almost all the way to the max, in order to be heard by Duolingo.

You would also want to verify that the default input device is the best one, in other words the one closest to you. For example if you have an external mic connected, make sure that is selected as your input audio rather than your computer's internal microphone.

On a Mac you can check for this by going to System Preferences; then click Sound; then click the Input tab

On Windows it depends on your version, but this search link can help you get started on troubleshooting your audio: http://goo.gl/tgwUuI

If none of these suggestions help, can you reply back and describe how you use Duolingo (laptop/desktop, phone or tablet, what browser, etc.). If you're on a computer, you can visit the link below to get an exact description of your setup - then just paste the link it gives you into your reply:



I think I have fixed the problem in the mic settings on my computer. It needed the booster on. Thanks for such a great answer.

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