"Борщ без сала"

Translation:Borshch without salo

March 7, 2016



I was just taught in this lesson that salo can also be called fatback but this sentence doesn't allow me to do so.

June 18, 2018


Allows right now...

The acceptable translations right now are fatback, lard and salo.

Don't know why pig fat was removed (although, not in all exercises...), maybe they decided pig fat is not really what salo is. But, it's not lard either, and not bacon. The point is, salo is salo, it's a local food, it's untranslatable.

My point is, don't include unknown local foods in your vocab, it's confusing. Grammar is easier to learn with familiar or relatable words; new vocab should be useful. Put local foods into a forum discussion. But that's only my point :(

January 16, 2019
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