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"Friday and Saturday"

Translation:Dydd Gwener a Dydd Sadwrn

March 7, 2016



Why do we suddenly need dydd again? I thought it was fine without it.


The problem is that the names of the days are also the names of the planets, so Dydd Gwener a Sadrwn might be taken as 'Friday and Saturn'; a bit unlikely give the probable context, but the usual practice is to keep the dydd except in some set phrases such as:

  • dydd Sul - Sunday
  • bwrw'r Sul... - to spend the weekend...
  • Sul y Mamau - Mothering Sunday, Mothers' Day


How did bwrw end up meaning so many things? Seems such a random word to be used in all these contexts.


I never knew "bwrw" could be used for "To spend", I just use "Treulio", or is "bwrw" being used idiomatically here?


Just an idiom as far as I know. bwrw seems to pop up in quite a few.

(Edit - Having just been hunting in it for something else, bwrw idioms take up a page and a half of double columns in 'A Dictionary of Welsh and English Idiomatic Phrases!)


Hmm I would always include "Dydd" unless I was talking about "bore" or "nos", maybe you're confusing this with months where you can omit "mis"?


Ah, yes. I was thinking of the nos and bore examples. Thanks!

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