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"Where will he be Thursday night?"

Translation:Ble bydd e nos Iau?

March 7, 2016



So is it optional to mutate after 'lle'? I've just had "lle bydd ...?" and "lle fydd ...?"


Ble/Lle bydd...? is normal and grammatically correct. What was the sentence with Lle fydd...?


This was a question where I had to choose the correct translations. There was 1 with "Lle bydd o nos Iau?" and another with "Lle fydd e nos Iau?". I only chose the first one, but the answer came back 'Incorrect' as I should have chosen the second one as well. I didn't because of the 'fydd' but I didn't want to flag it, if it was OK and I wasn't aware of that.


Diolch. Yes, ble/lle fydd...? is definitely incorrect here. When it comes up again, just flag it as wrong and Dewi Lingo should get round to fixing it if he hasn't already!

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