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Plural/Singular Elefanten

I think this question might have been asked before, but I cannot locate it; but in sections for refreshing vocabulary and grammar, this sentence appears:

"Ein Vogel sitzt auf dem Elefanten.

I thought "Elefanten" is plural, so should the question be stated as:

"En Vogel sitzt auf dem Elefant"

If not, please explain.


June 7, 2012



Elefant is one of an irregular set of nouns that change their ending depending on what case they are in. When Elefant is in a case other than the nominative (as here in the dative), it will the ending -en. It also has this ending in the plural. Have a look at this link: http://www.vistawide.com/german/grammar/german_nouns03.htm


Well, if it helps they do have something in common. They are typically masculine nouns ending in -e (der Löwe), -ant (der Kommandant), -ent (der Präsident), -r (der Bär), -t (der Architekt).


Thank you. How do you know which nouns fall under the "weak noun" set?


I'm afraid you just have to learn them - isn't learning German fun haha


Ja, das ist recht!

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