I spent 25 lingots for nothing! (My lingots disappeared) What happened to it?

Alright, something smells fishy to me. Recently, I went to lingot store to purchase 25 lingots for doing a French quiz. After being asked if I wanted to do the quiz and pressed, "Yes, lets start!", suddenly I was brought back to the main homepage. I didn't even start a quiz yet!

This is a weird bug and I've never encountered it. I do not wish to take another chance of purchasing another 25 lingot from a store until the problem is fixed.

Originally had 220 lingots to begin with, now have 195.

I'm currently using Google Chrome 48.0.2564.116, PC. When did this happen, it just happened today.

EDIT: So it's not just my computer. =O I'm glad I'm not alone. =(

March 7, 2016


Something similar just happened to me this morning when I bought a French quiz. I did the first question but then instead of continuing everything froze. Eventually I just had to quit. Also using Chrome but I've never had a problem with a quiz before.

March 8, 2016

I had just the same problem with the portuguese quiz. 25 lingots disappered for nothing :(

Do you know if this has been fixed yet?

This happened to me too. I tried taking the Dutch quiz and after submitting my first answer a popup appeared stating that the test couldnt be completed due to duolingo experiencing an issue.

I dont have enough lingots to buy the test again, and even if i wanted to, the purchase button is greyed out and i cant press it :(

I'm using firefox. I want my 25 lingots back!

I had the same problem with my dutch quiz. I had 40 lingots, spend 25 on the quiz and have now 17 left, bad maths!!!! Did you get any answers from someone from Duolingo?

An issue? No I haven't unfortunately. =(

This happened to me yesterday -the pop-up appeared after 1 question with something about technical problems and then the test froze. I gave up looking for a solution and bought another quiz - same thing happened. Nervous about buying another one. (Using a Mac)

Yikes , that's like a bug that stole money!

I don't know about the glitch, but 195 lingots is enough to buy another.

It is, but after clicking "Yes, let's start", Duolingo automatically refreshes and brings me to the front page for some reason. Just like to mention that something is strange.

Never had it happen. Sorry.

It's weird that more than one person has had this happen to them...

Alright, a small update: I've sent a case to the staff already with screenshots. I'll let y'all know if there are any news. Thank you everyone for the lingots, it's really not necessary at all. :3

Does anyone know if this is fixed yet?

I sent a bug report when it happened to me but haven't heard anything back. I'm pretty disappointed about losing the lingots, it took me months to save enough for that damn test :(

Same. =( The contact button is the only way. Only received an auto mail saying that they had my message. Maybe try tweeting them to get their attention I guess. =/ Fb doesn't have a PM option.

Well , Duolingo is really busy .. It's an international website . But I still think that must be really frustrating .

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