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Latin for Duolingo: Household, Lesson 3

Salvete omnes! Welcome back to Latin for Duolingo. If you would like to catch up with previous lessons, you can find a directory of lessons, a classified vocabulary list, and a Memrise course at these links:

We continue with household vocabulary and sample sentences this week.

New Vocabulary
novacula, ae = razor
balneum pensile = shower (literally “hanging bath”)
capitilavium, i = shampoo
dentifricium, i = toothpaste
frigidarium, i = refrigerator, cold room (of public baths)
labellum, i = basin, sink
linteum, i = sheet (or any linen cloth, a sail, an awning or curtain)
maenianum, i = balcony
telephonum, i = telephone
televisorium, i = television set (televisio, onis for the concept)
lodix, lodicis (f.) = blanket, bedspread
sapo, saponis (m.) = soap
cervical, cervicalis, cervicalium (n.) (pulvinus, i) = pillow, cushion
mantele, mantelis, mantelium (n.) = towel, hand-towel
canto, 1 = sing

Notes on vocabulary: I am leaving out some words of modern usage that I haven’t yet found a consistently accepted Latin word for, such as toothbrush, washer, dryer, microwave, etc. I’m sure they exist and I will add them in as I am able to research and verify what modern Latinists generally agree on. In the meantime, I’ve seen the above words in multiple sources, even if they are not strictly classical in origin.

New Sentences
Sapo in solum cadit. = The soap falls onto the floor.
Saponem non habeo. = I do not have soap.
Habesne mantelia? = Do you have towels?
Mantele rubrum habet. = He/she has a red towel.
Marcus novaculam in manu tenet. = Marcus is holding a razor in his hand.
Balneum pensile est parvum. = The shower is small.
Lucia in balneo pensili cantat. = Lucia sings in the shower.
Ubi dentifricium tenes? = Where do you keep the toothpaste?
Dentifricium ad labellum est. = The toothpaste is by/near the sink.
Paula capitilavium in balneo invenit. = Paula finds shampoo in the bathroom.
Sunt duo labella in culinā. = There are two sinks in the kitchen.
Mater linteum in lectum ponit. = Mother puts the sheet on the bed.
Non multa lintea habemus. = We do not have many sheets.
Ubi est cervical meum? = Where is my pillow?
Omnia cervicalia in lecto sunt. = All the pillows are on the bed.
Lodix est caerulea. = The blanket is blue.
Sunt lodices in arcā. = There are blankets in the chest.
Domus tua magnum maenianum habet. = Your house has a large balcony.
Avus in maeniano sedet. = Grandfather is sitting on the balcony.
Frigidarium aperis. = You open the refrigerator.
Fructum in frigidarium ponunt. = They put the fruit in/into the refrigerator.
In frigidario meo non est lac. = There is not milk in my refrigerator.
Audisne telephonum? = Do you hear the telephone?
Gaius per telephonum vocat. = Gaius is calling on/by (through) the phone.
Televisorium non habemus. = We do not have a television set.
Frater meus televisionem non amat. = My brother does not like television.

Until next time, valete et habete bonam fortunam!

Next lesson: Conjunctions

March 7, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Where do you find these modern Latin words?


    I really like Walter Redmond's Glossarium for the modern words; there is also an excellent resource at Lexilogos where you can compare numerous online dictionaries and grammar tools.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you.


      Thank you for the new lesson! Gratias tibi ago! These new sentences have been also added to the Memrise practice course.

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